March 26, 2019 Who picks the Title Company?

I was at a networking event recently and during the break, after I spoke about our title company, someone asked me “who picks the title company?”  The answer is the consumer has the right to choose the title company but in most cases they defer to either the real estate professional or the mortgage professional with whom they have been working.  Your average person only needs a title company once every 5-10 years so it’s rare to have an established relationship already built.  This is why the Real Estate Agent or Mortgage Loan Officer is often looked upon to guide consumers where to go for their title needs.  

As consumers we are trained to comparison shop for most things in our life.  Before we purchase a flat screen TV at Target we are on our phones seeing what it costs at Wal-Mart.  This mindset is even more prevalent when entering into the process of obtaining a mortgage loan.  Shopping interest rates and mortgage closing costs are engrained in our minds because it’s such an important decision; however when it comes to title services most people don’t think to comparison shop.

At 7 Title we take a lot of pride in saying we are one of, if not the most reasonably priced title companies in the area.  We don’t issue this statement lightly and without being informed.  On an annual basis we do a pricing review of our biggest competitors in the market.  All title companies have the same basic suite of services, but the charge for those services can vary quite a bit from company to company.  From that review we adjust our fees accordingly with an eye on making sure we bring our clients the most value.

If you are a real estate or mortgage professional and you are already referring business to 7 Title, Thank you!! We appreciate the trust you have placed in us to bring value to your clients.

If you are a real estate or mortgage professional and you aren’t referring business to 7 Title, reach out to us! We have an approach to doing business that we are proud of and would like to share it with you.

If you are a consumer in the process of buying, selling or refinancing a home or you are in need of some real estate title advice, reach out to us at 7 Title.  You can do so with the peace of mind knowing that whatever the cost of the service you need, we have made sure that you are paying a fair price.

Who picks the Title Company?Who picks the Title Company?Who picks the Title Company?

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